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The Multi-Fractal Markets Educational Course was created expressly to find the missing connection between emotional reaction stimuli and market structure.

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Course Overview

The Multi-Fractal Markets Educational Course was specifically designed for traders that are committed to achieving success and financial independence through the Forex Market. We have put together years worth of unique information that has not been available to the public until now.

In the following lessons you will uncover the missing link between the emotional reaction stimuli and the structure of the market. Discover how our brains have been molded through a process of neuro-plasticity, to create specific neural networks in the brain, that are activated by certain structures in the market. These structures occur on micro and macro scales to form on all timeframes.

The Multi-Fractal Markets Educational Course outline

  • Lesson #1 – Forex Explained
    • #1.1  – The Dealer
    • #1.2 – Changing Perspective
    • #1.3 – Technical Analysis – The Base System
    • #1.4 – Technical Analysis – Patterns
    • #1.5 – Technical Analysis – Trends
    • #1.6 – Concept of Market Manipulation
    • #1.7 – OMS – Order Management Systems
    • #1.8 – MMA – Market Making Algorithms
  • Lesson #2 – Manipulation Basics
    • #2.1 – Stophunts
    • #2.2 – Manipulation of Spread
    • #2.3 – Trap Moves
    • #2.4 – Confirming Entry
    • #2.5 – Consolidation Cycles
    • #2.6 – Market Cycles and Structure
    • #2.7 – Whipsaw Variations
    • #2.8 – Time Cycles – When to Trade
  • Lesson #3 – Advanced Manipulation
    • #3.1 – Market Structure in Depth
    • #3.2 – How Trends are Created
    • #3.3 – Identifying Highs/Lows
    • #3.4 – Trading M/W Fractal Patterns
    • #3.5 – Exponential Moving Averages
    • #3.6 – Stop Loss / Take Profit Levels
    • #3.7 – Peak Fractals / Levels and Patterns
    • #3.8 – Multi-Fractal Markets
    • #3.9 – Zone Hopping
    • #3.9.1 – Market Gaps / Trading Volatility
    • #3.9.2 – Macro Fractals
  • Lesson #4 – Mindset  *Work in Progress
    • #4.1 – Awareness

What will you learn?

  • Thorough explanation of how the Forex Dealers create specific patterns to induce an emotional state of trauma into retail traders.
  • Important price action basics and advanced concepts, specially designed to read market sentiment and structure.
  • In-depth walkthrough of Market Manipulation tactics with real market data.
  • Entry and Exit strategies that will help you secure trades with practically ZERO drawdown.

Who is this course for?

The Multi-Fractal Markets Educational is designed to:

  • Trading beginners who lack experience in the price action.
  • Traders who need to improve the skills in reading market sentiment and structure.


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