Programming Adaptive Strategies – Matt Radtke

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Programming Adaptive Strategies in by Matt Radtke focuses on helping create your own regimes and setups for technical analysis.

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Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Programming Adaptive Strategies by Matt Radtke is an intensive course for making out the most of the technical analysis software in any available financial market. With recent updates, the Custom Backtest (CBT) has been introduced and is ready for you to leverage and take your trading game to a new height.

Programming Adaptive Strategies provides in-depth knowledge regarding the process of creating your own adaptive strategies by fully utilizing. As a result, it is required that you have the software installed on your device and understand how to execute backtests and optimizations with the standard backtest engine of the application for breaking down object models and creating custom metrics.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Regimes & Metrics
  • Unit 1: Session 1 Presentation
  • Module 2: Optimization & Parameter Selection
  • Unit 1: Session 2 Presentation
  • Unit 2: Supplemental Files
  • Module 3: Final Evaluation
  • Unit 1: Session 3 Presentation
  • Unit 2: Supplemental Files

What will you learn?

  • Defining the essential market regimes
  • Understanding what a regime is and its related elements: trade setup, entry, and exit
  • Summarizing metrics by using the regimes you set up
  • Modifying the AFL when using adaptive (regime-specific) parameters
  • Knowing how to compare your current strategy performance with a predetermined baseline

Who is this course for?

Programming Adaptive Strategies by Matt Radtke is highly technical driven, making it only suitable for advanced traders who already have the knowledge of using the technical analysis software.



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