What are cookies?

Cookies (also known as HTTP cookies, internet cookies, web cookies, or browser cookies) are text files created by a web server as small chunks of data to store information that is generated according to the user’s activities on that website.

Library of Trader’s use of cookies

Library of Trader uses cookies on this website for essential management and operation actions, including tracking, optimization, as well as storing users’ information that is previously entered into form fields, such as names, passwords, addresses, email addresses, and so on. 

We do not link your personal recognition information to our cookie data without your agreement.

Library of Trader’s cookies usage includes the following:

  • Session cookie: generated and utilized as a user navigates on our website. Session cookie is expired and cleared out when the user closes the browser tab.
  • Persistent cookie: also created as a user enters the website. Persistent cookie only expires after a specified time. It is mainly used to store your account login information to avoid re-entering login credentials every visit.

Cookies Management

Session cookies are automatically removed after exiting our page. With persistent cookies, you can clear them out by choosing the right options when emptying the browsing data of your application. Users can decline providing cookie data to Library of Trader, however, such an option will make some functionalities of the website not work as intended.

Types of cookies used

Performance Cookies

As you navigate through our website, Library of Trader will collect and store certain information into performance cookies, including your Internet Protocol, browser, internet service provider, operating system, the original site leading you to us, the destination site you are leaving, time indicators, click-through data.

We use these cookie data, without further exploration of your personal information, for analyzing statistics, operation functionalities, and optimization execution.

Advertising Cookies

Library of Trader works with third-party advertisers to control the ad displays upon this address and other websites as well. The advertisers collect impersonal information from your browsing activities, using advertising cookies and web beacons, to provide you with the most optimal and personalized ads.

Please note that if you choose not to accept our advertising cookie use, you will still receive generic ads.


Library of Trader has no responsibility and control over the use of tracking technologies of third-party advertisers or partners of any kind. We do not include their applications and usages in any of our policies

Third-party advertisers or partners can use cookie data, pictures, gifs, and commands for optimizing their management of ads on our website. Library of Trader does not have the authority to access or control them and is unaccountable over such an action. 

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