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About Library of Trader

Library of Trader, formerly known as BestForexStore , was founded in 2015. This is a Group Buying platform that specializes in Trading, Investing, and Cryptocurrency consultant. We offer unique online courses, exclusive group buys, free downloading resources, and a wide selection of membership levels. 

Our mission is to make Library of Trader a reliable and informative community for traders to learn in an economical way, free of spam and scams. Learners come to Library of Trader can easily exchange knowledge and experience, as well as find the best online courses with supportive service. Our ultimate goal is to make Library of Trader a place where we can all be rich and successful in this challenging game. 

Customers’ privacy and intellectual property rights are of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee every single product listed on our website is legal and copyright-compliant. By working with well-known authors from around the world, we hope to expand our collection of high-quality online courses for aspiring traders like you. However, if you’re able to afford it, we advise you to purchase the courses from their original sales pages in order to get their direct support.

Our Story

From the first challenges…

Hi everyone, I’m William.

I began trading part-time a few years ago. My family needs me. Struggle and tension. I have to work hard so my wife and my children may have a better life.

Therefore, I quit my job to trade full-time. I started by looking for online trading courses for self-study. 

Finding the right course is difficult. Can’t afford all the courses on the official sales pages, so I decided to buy from resellers. This saves me money, but it’s a pain.

First, same-course pricing varies.

Second, I’m afraid of the author’s legal and copyright issues.

Third, I wonder whether it’s a scam. What if I pay but don’t get a download link? What if my card gets hacked?

Fourth, low-cost products may come with poor quality such as file errors, missing files, etc.

My mind wandered…

I went to forums and found two others with the same issue. Three of us created Group Buys and bought online courses from the original sales pages. We saved a lot of money by dividing the expense evenly.

Many others share my issues. And I want to help more people in my situation, so I plan to gather a group of like-minded teammates. That’s why BestForexStore was created in 2015, which is now known as Library of Trader.

There were difficulties at first. Group Buys take a long time to complete because lacking members, products’ cost is high, and customer support is not qualified. And as the brand is new, many buyers hesitate to make the first payment.

My team and I have sought to address these issues.

…to a Group Buying Online Courses Platform that helps thousands of members

Library of Trader is going up now. Our mission is to become one of the leaders in providing exclusive group buys to help more traders save up to 85% on their online courses. 

Want to change your life? Join LibraryofTrader. My team and I will deliver you the latest courses at the most stable pricing and with the greatest service.

We’re glad you went this far. Contact us to get a promotional code as a thank you for reading and understanding us via:

Library of Trader Team – Your partner in learning and success.

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