1. Refund Policy

We hope to provide you with the best and smoothest experience. But when we fail to meet your expectations, we are committed to giving you a full refund in these circumstances:

  • Membership policy violation: We do NOT refund when you buy Membership packages but ask to download courses in other categories such as Store, Ongoing Group Buy, Coming Soon, New Release. For more details, please read our Membership Pricing carefully.
  • Order taking too long: Once you make an order for an unavailable product, you will receive an email with the estimated delivery date. If it takes longer than you expected, you can submit a refund request. The time limit for a refund: Within 02 days from the date you received our email informing the estimated delivery date.
  • Group Buy order not going through: If there are not enough buyers for Group Buying or the purchase cannot be completed, we will give a full refund to those who made the payment. 
  • Missing Files/File Errors: A full refund will be given if the problems are unfixable.

*If any fraud is detected, all membership benefits will be disabled and the Customer’s IP will be locked on our website without notice.

2. Refund Process

The amount will be refunded within 24 hours via the same payment method you used for your payment. We won’t allow a refund into a different account or a different name. 

3. Exchange

Applied for customers who do not opt for a refund.  

You can request an exchange for a product of the same price as the one you paid for.

In case there is a price gap:

  • If the price of the product you wish to exchange for is higher than the product you purchased, you will need to pay for the price difference. 
  • If the price of the product you wish to exchange for is lower than the product you purchased, your price difference will be added to your next purchase. We are sorry that we cannot refund it back to your account. 

*Your satisfaction matters the most to us! Our ultimate mission is to earn your trust and support with high-quality products and top-notch service. Therefore, we will be all ears, should you need any further help. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time about any issue at support@libraryoftrader.com.

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