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FAQ ABOUT Futures Trading


Futures trading is the act of buying and selling futures contracts in which two parties, one buyer and one seller, agree to exchange an underlying market for a fixed price at a future date. The buyer has the obligation to buy the underlying market, and the seller has the obligation to sell at or before the contract’s expiry.

Unlike options trading, futures trading gives the holder of a futures contract the obligation to fulfill the terms of the contract. These contracts allow the two parties to lock in a certain price and protect themselves from large price swings.

Importance of learning futures trading

If you want to seek profits or reduce risk in the markets, learn futures trading! To trade futures, you need to have a true understanding of the market to deal with sales that have not happened yet. Many investors learn by simply giving it a try. Some of them manage to earn a profit, most do not. Therefore, learning is important.

Futures trading gives you the knowledge and experience to work as:

  • Retail Investor
  • Institutional Trader
  • Broker-Dealer
  • Market Maker

There is no obviously superior trading fundamental. Every type of trading has its pros and cons. To know if learning futures trading fits you, you should be well aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

To sum it up, futures trading’s advantages include speculation, hedging risk, extended market access, easiness to “go short”, and leverage.

The disadvantages of futures trading include the danger of leverage, price limits, complicated products, and large margin deposits for new traders.

To trade futures for a living, you should learn about these kinds of  products:

  • Commodities
  • Energies
  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Crypto Currency

Futures trading does not take much time to learn. You only need to spend a couple of months focusing on learning to get a good grasp of how it works.

Futures trading sounds simple but to master it, you need a proven trading process, proper money management techniques, and skills to control emotions. If you are lacking any of them, check out our library to choose a course that can help you improve it.

We provide online courses for beginners. However, in order to become successful as a futures trader, you need to possess a few core competencies such as analytics, focus, discipline, intellectual curiosity, and organization.

In each course, we also list down specific skills or experiences needed (if any). Check them out carefully before making your decision.

Here are some of the most sought-after online courses for futures trading available on Library of Trader. Give them a look and you might find what you are missing to become profitable steadily.

Simpler Futures – The Complete A To Z Guide To Trading Futures

The Footprint Edge Course – Axiafutures

Futures Trading and Trader Development – Axiafutures

And many more!

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