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The Footprint Edge course by Axia Futures teaches you through the trading tactics used in futures trading using old methods and new methods. Taking advantage of this Footprint Edge, traders can make sharp predictions while trading which will help them expand their knowledge and skills as they engage in active futures trading.


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The Footprint Edge Course overview

The Footprint Edge course by Axia Futures teaches you through the trading tactics used in futures trading. Reading order flows is one of the strategies taught in Axia Futures’ Footprint Edge Course for acquiring an intimate insight of the trading market. The Footprint Edge by Axia Futures provides a comparison of modern approaches and traditional ones for you to acquire an overview of strengths and downsides.

Course outline

The course lasts 35.5 hours and contains the following components: concept learning, practical applications, real market examples, 10 unique strategies, guided drill sessions, and many more to learn. Have a look at the preview course outline below for more information:

  • Section One: Downloads

    • The Footprint 30-Day Challenge Calendar
    • The Footprint Index Overview
    • The Footprint Strategy Template
  • Section Two: Introduction

    • UNIT 1 – The Footprint Tool
    • UNIT 2.1 – Setting up Your Free 15-day Footprint Charts (for Sierra Chart Users)
    • UNIT 2.2 – Setting up Your Footprint Charts (only for existing CQG Users)
    • UNIT 3 – The Key Footprint Trading Principles
    • UNIT 4 – Advanced Footprint Charting
    • UNIT 5 – Footprint Chart Strategy Development
  • Section Three: Intermediate

    • UNIT 6 – Strategy 1: Absorption and Auctioning
    • UNIT 7 – Strategy 2: Hiding Behind the Elephant
    • UNIT 8 – Strategy 3: Failed Break of Support and Resistance
    • UNIT 9 – Strategy 4: Auction Imbalances
    • UNIT 10 – Strategy 5: Exhaustion High and Low
    • UNIT 11 – Strategy 6: The Initiative Drive
  • Section Four: Advanced

    • UNIT 12 – Strategy 7: Key Auction Reversals
    • UNIT 13 – Strategy 8: Breakout Trading
    • UNIT 14 – Strategy 9: Footprint Delta Position Unwind
    • UNIT 15 – Strategy 10: Risk Event Trading
  • Section Five: Bonus Material

    • UNIT 16 – The Footprint Playbook Debrief
  • Section Six: The Footprint Workshop

    • Part 1 – How to Setup, Interpret and Comprehend
    • Part 2 – Market Interaction and Scenario Analysis
    • Part 3 – Master Pattern Recognition

What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Footprint Edge course

Following are the key takeaways from the 13-module Footprint Edge Course from Axia Futures:

  • The tools and approaches that are highly suggested for good trading analysis.
  • Directions for creating Footprint charts are supplied along with the basic ideas.
  • The establishment of a footprint strategy and its step-by-step instructions.
  • The Absorption and Auctioning Instructions, Hiding Behind the Elephant, Failed Break of Support and Resistance, Auction Imbalances, High and Low Exhaustion, The Initiative Drive
  • Key Auction Reversals, Breakout Trading, Footprint Delta Position Unwind, and Risk Event Trading are advanced concepts.

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Footprint Edge course

  • Learn the foundations of a pricing ladder and order flow
  • comprehend what is going on in the stock market’s pricing and places
  • Understand and implement the underlying ideas that will allow traders to trade
  • Use precise tactics that are applied to certain patterns that traders can identify.

Who is this course for?

The material offered in the Footprint Edge course is essential for anybody to:

  • Look to comprehend the markets.
  • Look for a futures trading strategy course.
  • Experience issues with flawless execution time on the Price Ladder

Additional Information

Anxio Futures was founded by ambitious people who valued ethics, honesty, and camaraderie above all else. To stay ahead of the market’s changing possibilities, Axia Futures has created a community that believes in continual reinvention. With over 50 years of combined experience on the trading floors in London and Wroclaw, Axia Futures understands what it takes to succeed. Due to this, they ensure that all aspects of their training reflect these core characteristics.


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