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The New Ready.Aim. Fire! (RAF) Pro indicator is a new, easy-to-use trading system that completely automates your entire trading process – leaving you with enough time to do what you really love – sitting back and watching the money flow in! With this course, you will finally be able to capitalize on key price movements with ease.

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Course overview

The New Ready. Aim. Fire! Pro (R.A.F! Pro) Pro indicator will teach you the same strategy that has enabled John to capitalize on the incredible earning possibilities in this dangerous market! The New Ready.Aim.Fire! Pro, which integrates David Starr’s famed proprietary R.A.F! Pro indicator and an effective custom scan, will undoubtedly become a game changer for any trader.

Simpler Trading’s “Mad Scientist” is David Starr. David Starr is the author of the famous Voodoo Lines(r) and R.A.F! Pro indicators. A trained theoretical mathematician who later took his MBA first in his class, David Starr now trades full time in addition to assisting Simpler Trading clients reap their own achievement. Many people see David Starr’s educational accomplishments and expertise as a strategic management consultant, building firms, and bringing them public as some of the most respected as optimal preparation for success in economic markets.

Course outline

As a member of The New R.A.F! Pro, you may receive:

  • Strategy Class
  • Aim.Fire! Scan
  • 2 Pro-Live Trading Days
  • 2 Elite Live-Trading Days
  • Live-Trade Alerts
  • A.F! Pro indicators from David Starr


What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the New R.A.F! Pro indicator

This step-by-step instruction from the New R.A.F! Pro will teach you:

  • When the market is in a “blue sky area,” how can you identify trades?
  • How to find the best setups while ignoring volatility “noise”
  • How John generates a six-figure monthly income in turbulent times
  • The “must-have” tool for timing concealed tops and bottoms.
  • Why are there so many entries? (and when the money is really made)

Learners’ outcomes after taking the New R.A.F! Pro

After completion of course, online learners will be able to:

  • Know when to stick in for a potential ‘grand slam’ transaction and when to quit swiftly if a trade does not pay off
  • Understand when to “go big” and bulk up your position size
  • Learn when to avoid a potentially terrible trade
  • Understanding how to capitalize on the incredible profit possibilities in this turbulent market without being thrown off by misleading signals

Who is this course for?

The New R.A.F! Pro indicator is ideal for people who are:

  • Getting trapped in poor trades without knowing the reasons behind
  • Lacking an established methods for identifying chances when they have a genuine advantages
  • Being run over during unpredictable changes of the stock market because they are unaware of what is going on.

Additional information

What do other learners think about the New R.A.F! Pro Indicator?

“RAF class was awesome, I already made 8 times what I paid for the class, looking forward to next week’s RAF live trading.” — NSS.

“I have increased my account value by 245% since RAF PRO“— Miles.

“Thanks for this great session. Always learn and enjoy your sessions. I will sign up for the session, though I have the RAF Pro,  it will be good to review it and to have confidence in trading.” — Sam R.

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