• Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are digital assets, both tangible and intangible, including graphic art, videos, collectibles, music, and the like. NFTs, generally defined as cryptographic tokens, are unique by their identification, not their appearance.
  • Like cryptocurrencies, an NFT is an encrypted medium of exchange that is distributed to decentralized networks empowered by blockchain technology. However, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are connected with different unique token identifications as well as exclusive ownership rights. As a result, two NFTs with the same appearance do not have to share the same value.
  • NFTs and cryptocurrencies are among the most notable progress in technologies, booming all over the world and making a huge global impact on the economy. Learning to trade NFT is to catch up with the trend and grant yourself attractive profitable opportunities.

NFT and cryptocurrencies are expected to bring changes to all the markets, which also sparks numerous demands for the following positions:

  • Finance Analyst: NFTs are the new profitable form of investment where serious investors may need the consultation of experienced finance analysts, regarding investment advice, trading strategy suggestion, and risk management.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer: AI engineers get involved in developing and setting up cybersecurity and trading bots by utilizing AI with complex algorithms. Bot automation is known for its capabilities to help the engineers or their customers get their parts in extremely exclusive NFT distributions.
  • Research Analyst: research analysts can keep up with every movement of the market and do vivid storytelling with data to provide their customers with insightful information on the current state of NFT.
  • Technical Writer: the attractiveness of all NFTs may lie in the hands of creative technical writers. They know what is desired to the buyers and how to convey them persuasively so that they get the NFTs they wish for with joy.

NFT is a must-know topic and worth learning if you are:

  • A traditional trader who is targeting an NFT to be your first trade in the crypto-market
  • An aspiring learner who has just embarked on the crypto-world with great interest in NFTs and cryptocurrencies
  • An ambitious beginner who is looking towards their first profit with NFTs

You may also find the following topics worth spending time on if you are into NFT:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin
  • Metaverse

  • A firm grasp of basic principles of economics and cryptonomics
  • The definition and the concept of NFT, as well as their advantages, disadvantages, and differences to cryptocurrencies
  • Insightful information on developing strategies and trading NFTs

  • Understanding the fundamentals of basic economic principles and some definitions of crypto-related terminologies
  • A habitual routine of observing and keeping up with the crypto-market 
  • Readiness and preparation for upcoming alterations in this constantly changing subject
  • A background or a degree in economics/ computer science is a plus, but not mandatory

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