Hedge Fund Manager at NN² Capital

Gary Norden in Australia is a seasoned derivatives trader with over 30 years of designing and executing profitable derivatives strategies. Gary has held senior positions at some of the World’s largest Investment Banks and consulted to big banks and hedge funds. He has also been Head of LIFFE Options at NatWest and Head of Futures & Options Trading at Credit Lyonnais Rouse.  

Gary became the youngest ever trader at Yamaichi Securities in London as he started his trading career at the age of just 18. He is the author of numerous books, including Technical Analysis and the Active Trader (2005), and An End to the Bull. In his books, Gary reveals the unreliability of technical analysis, as well as many myths that surround trading and investing. Gary makes his name as a trader, educator, consultant, and author. He is popular for his frank approach and pulls no punches with his criticism of aspects of the financial industry.

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