S&P 500 Secrets + Next Level Risk Management – Tradacc

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S&P 500 Secrets + Next Level Risk Management – Tradacc lays foundations, goes over multiple theories, and reveals a handful of strategies that you can pick one and apply that right to the way you are trading.

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Futures Trading

Course overview

S&P 500 Secrets + Next Level Risk Management – Tradacc provides traders with the needed knowledge and tools to become a specialist in trading the S&P 500 as well as how to manage risk, capital & position size for maximal profits. 

This course is designed for all the markets out there, whether it is Stock Trading, Forex Trading, Futures Trading, or Options Trading. 


Course Outline

S&P 500 Secrets

  • Introduction
  • Master the Clock
  • Master the Trend
  • The Best Moving Average 
  • Mastering Rotations
  • Overnight & Regular Hours
  • Master Targets
  • Mastering the Calendar

Next Level Risk Management

  • The Art & Science of Choice
  • Taking the Bait
  • The Anatomy of a Risk Taker
  • Target Acquisition
  • Next Level Risk Management
  • Action Items


What will you learn?

  • How to determine the most profitable times to trade the ES.
  • How to define and make the most of trending days.
  • How to keep market context always under control.
  • How to use Korb’s exact setups to refine the perspective of how you see the market.
  • How to treat overnight and regular trading hours differently and what exactly to do at those different times.
  • How to set very high probability price targets.
  • What to watch out for when major events such as FOMC are happening.
  • How to observe performance and breakthrough emotional responses that have been holding you back using a set benchmark.
  • How to develop a custom risk management plan for your trading business.`


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who want to narrow their focus and specialize in trading the S&P 500.



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