Dan Sheridan

Founder & CEO of Sheridan Options Mentoring

Dan Sheridan is the founding and chief executive officer of Sheridan Mentoring. He has over three decades of expertise trading options and teaching others how to do so all around the world. Prior to Mercury Trading, Dan worked for the CBOE, where he dealt with high-profile clients such as Jon and Pete Najarian. 

Dan was responsible for teaching a great number of the traders, including one of the presenters of CNBC’s Fast Money, Pete Najarian. Dan quit working in the mines in 2004, and subsequently started Sheridan Mentoring. Every day, he uses his tactics and procedures to turn a profit in the options market, and now he teaches them to individuals. Dan also educates retail and professional traders through a variety of other platforms, where he frequently appears as a guest speaker. 

Dan Sheridan has been mentioned on, and he has also been doing online seminars at InteractiveBrokers and other brokerage firms.

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