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Dan Sheridan Butterfly Course + Iron Condor Class Bundle Pack by Sheridan Mentoring teaches you professional butterfly options trading techniques for trading success.

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Course Overview

Butterfly options trades come in a variety of styles. Dan Sheridan Butterfly Course + Iron Condor Class Bundle Pack will equip you to be a top-tier Butterfly trader. The course equips you with various types of butterfly trading strategies.

Course Outline

First Class: With Dan talking about: The Split Strike Butterfly

  • Introduction and outline for Today’s Class
  • Description of Class Page and its contents and how to ask questions and see archived recordings.
  • Introductory Teaching: Butterfly Material, Greeks of the Iron Butterfly,
  • comparison to Iron Condors, Longer Duration Iron Butterflies versus shorter duration Iron Butterflies like Weeklys.
  • Teaching: Split Strike Butterfly
  • Today’s Live Class Trade #1: RUT Split Strike Butterfly

Second Class: With Dan talking about: Weekly SPX Butterfly

  • Intro and outline for today
  • Teaching: Stock Butterfly Candidates
  • Live trade for today’s Class and Teaching on the Weekly Unbalanced Butterfly: SPX Weekly Unbalanced Iron Butterfly
  • Case Study in the Weekly Unbalanced Iron Butterfly with Risk Management, Tweaks, and Adjustments.

Third Class: With Dan talking about: SPX Put Broken Wing Butterfly

  • Question on extended trading hours in SPX
  • Class Topic Today: Broken Wing Butterfly in SPX in the Puts
  • Review Current Class Trade #1 RUT Split Strike Butterfly
  • Review Current Class Trade #2 SPX Weekly Unbalanced Iron Butterfly that we took off for a profit
  • Live trade for this class: Broken Wing Butterfly in SPX
  • Teaching: Broken Wing Butterfly with full Risk Management Plan with adjustments, word document included.
  • The Last look at today’s live Broken Wing Butterfly

Fourth Class: With Dan talking about: The 30 -40 Day ATM Butterfly

  • Introduction
  • Dan talked about Annotation on Class page
  • 40 Day RUT Butterfly (at -the -money). Dan just gave a quick introduction here.
  • Review of Class Trade #1: Split Strike Butterfly in RUT
  • Review of Class Trade #3: Broken Wing Butterfly in SPX and accompanying adjustment
  • Question: Can we do a double broken wing butterfly, one on the call side and put side? Dan shows an example.
  • Teaching: Monthly Butterfly in SPX with Word Doc
  • Set up 3 Popular Butterfly Techniques in Sheridan Community (Set up means how you initiate the Butterfly).
  • 3 Techniques are Neutral Balanced Butterfly, Neutral Unbalanced Butterfly, and Bearish Butterfly.
  • Teaching and Case Study: Monthly Butterfly in RUT

Fifth Class: With Dan talking about: The 30 -40 Day ATM Balanced Butterfly in RUT, SPX, and AAPL

  • Intro, what I’ll cover today
  • Reviewed annotation of last class on the class page
  • Teaching: AAPL Stock Butterfly example (Using word doc or PDF): Introductory comments
  • Question: How do we select stocks or Indexes for Broken Wing Butterfly Trade
  • Teaching: AAPL Stock Butterfly (going off of PDF with guidelines). Covered plan and adjustments.
  • Review Class Trade: Broken Wing Butterfly Trade #3 in SPX
  • Live Class Trade for today’s Class: RUT 37 -38 Day Iron Butterfly (Unbalanced) for $32.85 credit
  • Teaching: Balanced Iron Butterfly in RUT with setup and plan and adjustments
  • Announcement: upcoming seminars in Phoenix and Chicago

Sixth Class: With Dan talking about: Talking Directional Butterflies

  • Introduction
  • Picking stocks for Directional Butterflies
  • Calls or Puts for Directional Butterflies
  • Technical Considerations for Directional Butterflies
  • Duration of Directional Butterflies
  • What strikes to use for a short strike?
  • Width of Butterfly?
  • Cost of Butterfly and buying a butterfly for zero?
  • Adjustments to a Directional Butterfly?
  • Q and A Positive Vega to Bearish Butterfly on the upside? (Using AMZN example in class)
  • Review Class Trade #3 SPX Broken Wing Butterfly
  • Review Class Trade # 4 RUT Imbalanced Butterfly
  • Live Class Trade: AAPL Iron Butterfly 30 Days to Expiration

Seventh Class: With Dan talking about: Portfolio of Butterflies, Mixed Expiration Butterflies, Double Broken Wing Butterflies, and Double Time Bomb Butterflies

  • Intro and outline of today’s class
  • Teaching Time: Running a $10,000 Portfolio of Butterflies
  • Teaching: Mixed Month or Mixed Expiration Butterflies to hedge the short Vega risk of Butterflies
  • Teaching: Double Broken Wing Butterflies as an alternative to Iron Condors
  • Review Class Trades: Trade #3 Broken Wing Butterfly
  • Review Class Trades: Trade #4 Iron Butterfly in RUT
  • Review Class Trades: Trade #5 AAPL Iron Butterfly
  • End – Q and A and general discussion

Eighth and final Class with Dan: Insurance for Butterflies and Butterfly Adjustments

  • Teaching: Intro and today’s outline
  • Teaching: 4 most Popular Butterfly adjustments
  • Teaching: Insurance for Butterfly Trades (Using AMZN as an example)
  • Live Trade: SPX Weeklys

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about the different types of Butterfly Strategies, including the Split Strike Butterfly, the Weekly Unbalanced Butterfly, the Broken Wing Butterfly, and many more – as well as when to trade each
  • Learn how to select the right stocks for the Butterfly, whether to choose Calls or Puts, how wide a Butterfly should be, when and how to adjust your trade
  • And much more


Who Is This Course For?

Dan Sheridan Butterfly Course + Iron Condor Class Bundle Pack is for traders in stock trading, and options trading at all levels.


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