SJG Trading: Butterflies Class – Aeromir – Steve Ganz

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SJG Trading: Butterflies Class by Aeromir teaches you how to trade butterflies with potential adjustments and why Steve Ganz chooses his specific adjustments.

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Technical Analysis

Course Overview

SJG Trading: Butterflies Class will guide techniques and strategies for profitable options trading. There are many aspects that the course dissects, such as the use of technical indicators – the Greeks, proven frameworks, and adaptation tips through live trading sessions with Steve Ganz – your mentor. Students should have a general knowledge of Options Trading and Greek.


Course Outline

  • Class 1: Planning and Design
  • Class 2: Site Selection and Construction
  • Class 3: Remodeling or Selling Your House
  • Class 4: Tools to Use and How to Use Them


What will you learn?

  • Learn Flat Delta, Reduced Margin/BP, Lower entry risk, less management
  • Learn symbols to trade: SPX, RUT, etc
  • Understand all types of Butterflies: Flat Flies, Upside BWB’s, etc
  • How to apply technical analysis to you Butterflies
  • How to hedge a long portfolio with a Butterfly or Moth
  • And so much more


Who is this course for?

  • Those that have historically feared volatile markets
  • Those wanting to learn how to profit from some of the juiciest delta neutral trading you will find
  • Those wanting to learn ways to possibly “hedge” existing long equity/investment positions
  • Those wanting to understand the ins and outs of a wide range of Butterflies
  • Those that recognize that specific rule sets have their own set of issues with Greeks being different from program to program


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