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Trading Psychology and Money Management Blueprint by Simpler Trading highlights the crucial role in the success of a trader in any instrument. Tried-and-true methods to control emotions while trading by John Carter and Danielle Shay are what you can expect.  

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Course Overview

Trading Psychology and Money Management Blueprint by Simpler Trading guides you on maintaining the presence of your mind, no matter how chaotic the market becomes. Two trading experts, John Carter and Danielle Shay, will share their methods to calm themselves down in even the toughest situations.

When buyers get bad news about a certain inventory or about the financial system in general, they will naturally get scared. Also, overreaction and feeling pressured can be outcomes. It seems urgent to liquidate their holdings and sit on the cash and refrain from taking any greater risks.

Yet, panic does not bring you any good. Profits are what a calm trader can generate as they can see chances through the chaos. If you want to learn the techniques to control your trading mind, this course is for you.

Course Outline

  • Spotting your trade monster and how to control it.
  • The lessons from both your good and bad trades.
  • The surefire steps that blow your account and how to avoid them.
  • The importance of technical analysis and methodology.
  • Psychology and money management.
  • The effects of social media, news, media, etc. on your trading psychology.
  • Real case studies and examples.

What Will You Learn?

  • The crucial role of trading psychology in a trader’s success.
  • The relationship between technical analysis, money management, and trading psychology.
  • Powerful techniques to control your mind amidst the chaos due to the market volatility.
  • Proven methods that John Carter and Danielle Shay apply to make clever decisions with calm minds.
  • How to filter out distracting news that can profoundly impact your trade actions.

Who Is This Course For?

Every trader in all instruments and at all levels will find this course helpful as the presence of mind is among the important factors to generate consistent profits.



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