Code 7: Dow Futures Course – Oil Trading Academy

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After learning the Code 6: Dow Futures Course by Oil Trading Academy, which is really basic, you will be able to use it to hit +120 to +220 tick trades on the Dow Futures every day (YM).

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Course Overview

Code 7: Dow Futures Course by Oil Trading Academy is the video course which can teach you how to use Code 7. The whole process is very simple to do. You will then be able to use the Code 7 to hit +120 to +220 tick trades everyday on the Dow Futures (YM).

Also, you can use the Code 7 along with other Codes to improve your efficiency. For example:

  • Combining this with Code 5 has often resulted in trades hitting +400 to +600 ticks.
  • Combining Code 4 with this method will achieve even more ticks than the original trade.

Course outline

  • Part 1: How to install and use the Code 7 in trading
  • Part 2: How to read and analyze the trading charts after using Code 7.
  • Part 3: Tips & Tricks when using Code 7 with other Codes.

What will you learn?

  • Skills to harness the market in various different ways.
  • Skills to trade any market, any stock, any futures, any instrument, and every market in the world.

Who is this course for?

  • For those who want to trade all markets around the globe.
  • Anyone interested in taking advantage of any opportunity in the world.
  • Anyone who wants to trade in any market and asset class (stocks, futures, commodities, forex).


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