Slow REEDS Workshop – REEDS Trader

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The Reedstrader SLOW-REEDS System is a rules-based, trading system for high-powered discretionary trading, suitable for novice and expert alike, and can be used in any account. 

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Reeds Trader
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Slow REEDS Workshop by REEDS Trader Description

Because it is designed to be a flexible system used to read the market, our system is known as the Slow Reeds System. Any market environment, including the erratic market we are currently experiencing, can be traded using the system.

Learn how to maintain strong positions for lengthy trades. Increase your risk management skills by implementing stricter scanning and trading rules.

The Reedstrader SLOW-REEDS System, a rules-based trading system for use on stocks and ETFs, serves as the foundation of this momentum equity trading system, which then expands the toolkit to include highly effective discretionary trading. Beginners learning the basics of stock trading, seasoned professionals, and Van Tharp students seeking to give their trading methods a defendable edge can all benefit from the knowledge covered in this advanced course. No matter how well you have traded so far, the system can help you make bigger gains.

The Reeds system is suitable for both beginners and experts. Each student will leave with a powerful trading system that can be applied to any account type.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • Market fundamentals: Understanding the basics of slow REEDs markets, including the factors that affect bond prices and yields, interest rates, and macroeconomic indicators.
  • Trading strategies: Developing and implementing strategies for trading in slow REEDs markets, such as duration management, yield curve positioning, and interest rate risk management.
  • Technical analysis: Using charts, graphs, and other technical indicators to analyze market trends and identify trading opportunities.\
  • Risk management: Managing risk in slow REEDs trading, including credit risk, liquidity risk, and interest rate risk.
  • Regulatory and compliance issues: Understanding the legal and regulatory framework that governs slow REEDs trading, including compliance with industry standards and best practices.


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