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Voodoo Strategy Live Trading by Simpler Trading shares a deep dive into the tool and its application to real-world trading. The recorded live trading sessions with trading experts bring reality to the theory instruction.   

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Course Overview

Voodoo Strategy Live Trading by Simpler Trading provides detailed instructions on Voodoo Lines and the tool-based strategies. The course hosts include seasoned traders, including David Starr, the indicator creator, Henry Campbell, and Danielle Shay.

All the tactics and strategies in the course are what you can see through the live trading sessions with trading experts. So, you can learn practical tips and trading approaches to generate higher profits and undertake lower risks.

Course Outline

  • Installation Session.
  • Deep Dives into Voodoo Lines with David Starr.
  • Deep Dives into Voodoo Lines with Henry Campbell.
  • Deep Dives into Voodoo Lines with Danielle Shay.
  • Recording of Live Trading Sessions.
  • Slides Notes and Charts.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to use the Voodoo Lines indicator to develop a workable trading plan.
  • Learning trading frameworks from the practical live trading sessions with experts.
  • A closer look at how a technical tool can help you uncover the upcoming market trends.
  • Guides on powerful trading strategies based on insights by the Voodoo Lines indicator.
  • How to install the tool so you can use its superior features.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is for those who have mastered the fundamentals of trading and want to enhance their trades through the Voodoo Lines indicator.



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