The Better Butterfly Course

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Get to know more about butterfly spread and its application when it comes to options trading with The Better Butterfly Tradingology – Options Trading Course.

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Course overview

The Better Butterfly Tradingology – Options Trading Course covers everything you need to know about butterfly spread – a safe strategy to generate income with options, if done according to directions. Despite being regarded as a speculative trade, a butterfly spread can be reasonably cheap to initiate, which makes it an attractive option.

With The Better Butterfly Tradingology – Options Trading Course, you will get familiar with all the basics and butterfly options strategies explained. Furthermore, the course offers in-depth butterfly bomb options analysis with two practical case studies so that you can have remarkable insights into all two covered butterfly strategies.

Course outline

  • Introduction to Butterfly’s
  • Basics of Butterfly’s: TILL • PLANT • HARVEST
  • Building the Better Butterfly – Part 1
  • Building the Better Butterfly – Part 2
  • What’s a “Butterfly Bomb” and How To Plant Them
  • Questions and Answers on Better Butterfly’s
  • B-Bombs Case Study #1 – Analysis
  • Analysis of Butterfly Bombs and Costs of Deployment
  • Monitoring and Harvesting Butterfly Bombs
  • B-Bomb Case Study #2 – Expiration Day

What will you learn?

  • The basics of butterfly spread
  • What make your butterfly strategies better
  • Two strategies of butter options trading: butterfly bombs (or b-bombs), and ‘broken wing’ butterfly
  • Strategies to neutralize the Greeks
  • How to monitor positions, even ones with multiple expirations
  • Understanding volatility on butterfly spread to make initiation on the market

Who is this course for?

Whether you are an options trader about to embark on utilizing butterfly spreads in your trading portfolio or just a fresh trader who is looking for new strategies to generate income with options, The Better Butterfly Tradingology – Options Trading Course is for you.

Additional Information

The Better Butterfly Tradingology – Options Trading Course is brought to you by Tradingology – the home to many mentors with the eagerness to help traders and investors get their hang on the art and science of trading and the movements of the markets. Tradingology assists everyone in need to understand the risks, leverage, as well as market mechanics to generate income with options.



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