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Quarterly Profits Formula Elite Package by Simpler Trading offers strategies and real-life situations to help you win big and long-term trades.

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Technical Analysis

Course overview

Quarterly Profits Formula Elite Package will be recorded and reside in your class library after the sessions are finished. It guides strategies, and technical analysis to help deliver compelling conversions. Danielle Shay’s charting and future forecasting techniques help the account maintain big and long-term profits.

Quarterly Profits Formula Elite Package guides you through the use of powerful weapons and earns hot zone indicators to quickly know the optimal time to trade.

Course outline

Simpler Trading is offering you the Elite Package of Quarterly Profits Formula course with the following segments:

  • E-Learning Module
  • Earnings Hot Zone Indicator
  • 3 Days Premium Recorded Live Trading
  • 3 Days Elite Recorded Live Trading

What can you learn?

  • Case Study: Danielle’s AMZN trade generated 1,200% earnings
  • How to create 3 to 1 income opportunities
  • Tips to figure out low-risk trades with high-reward
  • How to optimize setups using Danielle’s checklists
  • Trustworthy “triple” solutions for trending and choppy markets

Who is this course for?

Quarterly Profits Formula Elite Package is suitable for those who trade at the whim of the markets, watching and waiting for their preferred trends to emerge.



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