Small Account Secrets (Basic) – Simpler Trading

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Small Account Secrets (Basic) by Simpler Trading shows you that the markets are fair and even smaller accounts have their chances to make profits.

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Simpler Trading

Course Overview

Financial markets are harsh and show no mercy to every trader, no matter you are a passionate fresher or a seasoned veteran. Traders with smaller accounts are way more common than those who are considered ‘whales’ or ‘sharks’. However, growing a small account without appropriate approaches or proper plans can be extremely risky, potentially leading the owner to nothing but failure. That is the reason why you need clear guidance from a reliable source – Small Account Secrets (Basic) by Simpler Trading.

The course offers the perfected setups that the author himself has actually been using non-stop over the course of 30 years and can be applied to accounts of any size, especially smaller ones. With 7 specific setups for options trading and tailored money management strategies meticulously presented by Small Account Secrets (Basic), traders with limited capital can now target rapid account growth while keeping the risk at bay.

Course outline

  • Indicators folder
  • Checklist Newer Traders.docx
  • Quickstart Bonus.pdf
  • SAS Market Phases Sat Class.pdf
  • ELD
  • ChatLog_Sat Aug 31 2019.txt

What will you learn?

  • How to set up trades and keep their potential profits positive even when a bad market phase hits
  • Discovering ways to manage your trades for maximum gains
  • Stocks and strategies that can critically hold your small accounts back
  • Spotting big winners and locking in for them before they slip away
  • A secret way for 100% gains by using specific SPY options
  • Low-risk strategies for quickly expanding small accounts
  • When to exploit low liquidity to supersize winning positions

Who is this course for?

Small Account Secrets (Basic) by Simpler Trading is designed for traders who want to make consistent flows of trading income from smaller accounts, especially beginners.


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