War Room Psychology Vol. 4 – Trick Trades


War Room Psychology Vol. 4 highlights the importance of trading psychology and the best practices to eliminate emotions from trading. So, you will not make any decision based on subjective feelings.

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Trick Trades
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Course Overview

War Room Psychology Vol. 4 by Trick Trades presents how to win high profits at consistency through the breakdown of trading psychology.

We can learn the techniques and strategies. Yet, it is challenging to change our mindset and control our emotions. It explains why being chaotic is much easier than maintaining a presence of mind.

This course points out the best practices to shift your trading mind into the successful traders’ mindset. The detailed instructions on practical methods to calm yourself down amidst sudden changes in price momentums!

Course Outline

  • Instructions on tried-and-true strategies that keep your mind calm amidst the volatile financial markets.
  • Answers and explanations to some common problems related to trading psychology.
  • Illustrated case studies and examples for a better understanding of proven frameworks.

What Will You Learn?

  • The best practices of ramping up size correctly.
  • How to catch the entire move on trade.
  • How to stay confident at an appropriate level even if you are winning.
  • How to maintain self-possessed amidst slowdowns of the market.
  • How to spot the right timing to go full-time with trading.
  • How to get over analysis paralysis and minimize the bad scenarios.
  • The best tips to save you from overtrading.
  • How to keep track of your trading with a calm mind for clever decisions.

Who Is This Course For?

War Room Psychology Vol. 4 by Trick Trades is for all-level traders and investors in all trading instruments. The control of your emotions while trading plays an important role in winning the consistency of trading profits. It is much better if you take part in other volumes of this course series!



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