Brand new for 2017 – “Renko 2.0”

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Besides the raw knowledge, a digital indicator like the Renko 2.0 is surely the best companion to any trader on their journey to the dreamed profits.

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Nikos Mermigas, Spartan Trader Fx
Technical Analysis

Course Overview

The Renko 2.0 Brand new for 2017 is an indicator that is designed for MetaTrader5, involving the charting method ‘Renko’ and using it to clear out any confusion from reading charts and ensure the profitability of your trading systems. The application mainly transforms historical accumulated data into bricks with multiple colors which can be deducted as insights and signs for making further trading decisions in any financial market.

The Renko method dates back to the 18th century in Japan with ‘Renko’ coming from ‘Renga’ which means bricks in Japanese. It has since been a popular method to interpret data. During the process, if the price, represented by a brick, moves by a minimum predetermined amount, a new line or brick is formed in the direction of the previous move. With the help of Renko 2.0, you will spend less time staring at complex technical analysis results while still making consistent flows of trading profits.

Course outline

  • Renko 2.0 indicator for MetaTrader 5

What will you learn?

  • Simple plug-and-play templates for instantly applying them to your trading systems
  • Identifying when a new trend begins
  • Making profitable decisions with recorded historical accumulated data
  • Risk and money management
  • Detecting the support and resistance levels over a certain period of time
  • How to get 80-90 winning trades
  • Setting up and choosing the right strategies for both short and long-term results
  • Tips and tricks from professionals for choosing appropriate forex pairs to trade on
  • A detailed strategy guide
  • 5 striking steps to define the problems that are holding you back and overcome them for desired profits

Who is this course for?

Renko 2.0 2017 is an indicator that requires some computer knowledge to properly install the application, making it only suitable for intermediate traders and upper levels.



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