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Trading Blueprint gives you trading tools to compare deals across multiple online brokerages. You will know when you’re getting the best price on the stock you want. By focusing on just a few factors (volume, market capitalization, and PE ratio) Trading Blueprint will help crypto investors select which currencies to trade and at what prices they should buy or sell.


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Trading Blueprint Course overview

Trading Blueprint is one of the most recent Trading Riot courses completed by the company’s founder, and it covers his trading strategy in both cryptocurrency and traditional markets. This course’s purpose is to take you from the basics to advanced experience and application in real-world trading. Trading Blueprint also includes information on day trading and swing trading tactics, as well as a complete assessment of market activity and order flow patterns.

The updated Trading Blueprint, which transitions from high timeframe analysis to low timeframe execution trends, streamlines the process of visualizing and executing trading options.

Tradingriot was created as a personal blog with the goal of sharing future trade and market research knowledge. The majority of the talk would be on cryptocurrency futures trading as well as traditional financial markets.

Course outline

Figure out the Trading Blueprint agenda to get a sense of what this Trading Riot course will teach you:

Part 1: Price Action

  • Introduction – is trading worth it?
  • Conventional wisdom
  • The market as an advertising mechanism
  • Market structure
  • Order flow and liquidity
  • Trading the SFP/Sweeps – The road to disaster
  • How to trade support and resistance
  • Supply & demand imbalances
  • Trading the V-shape
  • Is price action enough?
  • Problem with swing trading
  • Swing trading strategy
  • Price action trading things and where to put them

Part 2: Auction Market Theory and Orderflow

  • Is trading order flow trading just another marketing catch?
  • Trading different markets
  • Auction market theory
  • The 5 auction market theory rules
  • Market profile
  • Volume profile
  • Volume-based support & resistance
  • VWAP – glorified moving average?
  • Everything delta
  • Footprint chart
  • Trading SFP/Sweeps with a footprint
  • Other price action setups with order flow & volume confluence
  • Pre-trading routine & what to look for during the session
  • Conclusion

Part 3: Trading Strategy

  • Daily timeframe analysis
  • 30-minute chart
  • TPO chart
  • Execution with price action & order flow

What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Trading Blueprint course

What you can learn in the Trading Blueprint is summarized below:

  • The author’s extended trading method encompasses all of his days and swings trading tactics, as well as various market activity and order flow patterns, which are all incorporated into this system.
  • Information on a complete picture of market activity and order flow patterns.
  • A one-hour movie that highlights the whole Blueprint, provides more instances and discusses the concept in greater detail

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Trading Blueprint course

After this course, online learners may:

  • The knowledge relating to the market structure, for e.g: Order flow and liquidity, Supply & demand imbalances, swing trading strategy, the order flow and auction market theory Etc.
  • Ways how the author enters trades on day-to-day basics, how he analyzes the stock market, also his intra-day trading strategy being used in trading both cryptocurrency and legacy markets
  • Ways the author examines thoroughly of market activity and order flow patterns

Who is this course for?

The Trading Blueprint Course is best suited for those:

  • Want to increase your trading skills in an informal, casual atmosphere
  • Need a straightforward, detailed explanation of the trading tools & strategy
  • Have just started their learning order flow trading and need a simple course to learn

Additional information

What do other learners think about the Trading Blueprint course?

“The content in Trading Blueprint is really great. Although I learned about Market profiles, footprint charts, and order flow in the past I was never able to connect them all together to one strategy. This is what is exactly described in the trading blueprint and additional trading plan. — Star Trader Paulus.

“The Trading Blueprint was one of the best educational buys I have ever made. I think you won’t get anything close when it comes to actionable, logical approaches to applying Order Flow and Market Profile. The information you get for 177 euros is extremely undervalued. from a price standpoint alone buying this is a no-brainer. Adam is a very knowledgeable guy and a great trader. He also answered some of my questions in no time and was always friendly. Coming forward I think everything where Adam puts his name is high quality guaranteed!“— Wrmlskrchn.

“The blog + the blueprint is worth much more than I paid for them. Incredible content, well organized, and full of great external resources. Highly recommend purchasing the trading blueprint and going through every single resource that tradingriot has to offer. You will not be disappointed.” — Baby Fresc.


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