The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP) Course Webinars – Scott Carney

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The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP) Course Webinars by Scott Carney holds the secrets behind the harmonic patterns for making profits.

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Scott Carney
Financial Trading

Course Overview

Harmonic trading and its patterns are complex techniques that are not a work of a single individual but a joint result of multiple research from many famous technicians in the trading industry over the past 100 years. The work aims to help traders get insights into the historically recorded events, and in turn, make accurate predictions of future trends and directions for profitable entries and exits in financial markets.

Such a process proves to be a tough obstacle for anyone interested in it. But no worry, that will no longer be the case as The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP) Course Webinars by Scott Carney will pave the way to success for you. The course will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial from the basics to practical applications of the technical analysis, combining with even more complex theories and methods including the Elliott Wave theory or the Fibonacci ratios.

Course outline

  • Introduction to Harmonic Trading.mp4
  • Harmonic Ratios.mp4
  • Harmonic Trading Psychology.mp4
  • ABCD pattern.mp4
  • Alternate Bat Pattern.mp4
  • The Bat Pattern.mp4
  • Butterfly Pattern.mp4
  • Crab Pattern.mp4
  • The Gartley Pattern.mp4
  • Reciprocal ABCD.mp4
  • Shark Pattern.mp4
  • 5-0 Pattern.mp4
  • Trade Execution Introduction – RSI BAMM.mp4
  • Trade Execution introduction – Price Bars in PRZ.mp4
  • Trade Execution – Triggers and Timeframes.mp4
  • Trade Management

What will you learn?

  • Essential harmonic patterns
  • Theories take their roots from harmonic patterns
  • How to combine the patterns, the theories, and the Fibonacci ratios for forecasting movements of the markets
  • How the patterns affect the ways professionals trade
  • The communities that base around the patterns and what you can learn from them

Who is this course for?

The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP) Course Webinars by Scott Carney tackles a technical-driven subject that may be suitable for advanced traders rather than freshers with less experience.

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