Algo Breakout Trader & Specialist, Hedge Fund Co-Founder and Co-Owner 

Tomas Nesnidal has been a full-time trader and a huge trading and traveling enthusiast for over a decade. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in option trading, spread trading, futures trading, statistical arbitrage trading, and automated algo trading. His current concentration is on developing and trading totally automated techniques, allowing him to travel more. By March 2015, he had visited 59 countries and received invaluable, mind-opening experiences. Traveling and trading are two of his life’s goals and meanings, and he is extremely passionate about both.

He also enjoys teaching others how to trade effectively and motivating others to have the confidence to think differently, be creative, live life more cheerfully and freely, do what they truly enjoy and love, and not be scared to stand out from the herd. So far, he has been fortunate enough to continue with all of this.

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