Day Trader, Trading Mentor, Gamer

Steven Dux is an experienced trader of 23 years old and the creator of the Trading Techniques DVD. He has been trading since he was a youngster and now owns and operates his own firm, “Dux Capital Management LLC.” He is well known for converting his $27.000 college funds into $3.000.000 before turning 21 and becoming legally eligible to bet.

Steven Dux is a day trading instructor who has made more than $11 million in confirmed transactions, publicly released account statements, and had them audited by third-party accounting companies. He is among the top 1% of day trading educators in the world, and he teaches The Freedom Challenge, his flagship instructional program. Dux is also the creator of StockCraft, an all-in-one trading tool that teaches you how to trade like a Wall Street pro, suit or no suit.

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