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Research and Trade Like a Pro by Investopedia shows you how to spend less time on your research, and focus on vital information for better trades.

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Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Research and Trade Like a Pro by Investopedia covers high-powered research techniques as well as practical tips and tricks. The course covers a wide range of financial markets regarding the most notable things in each market, what the professionals are currently paying attention to, and the mindset behind their actions in response to the movements of the markets.

It is not just the mere techniques improving your trading income but also the technical analysis and the understanding of the causes behind it that can take your trading game to the next level. With Research and Trade Like a Pro by Investopedia, you will avoid spending too much time researching and not tackling the right spot of what you want to gain knowledge. You will get confidence in your research and know exactly what to concentrate on for making better trades and gaining greater flows of trading income.

Course outline

  • Welcome
  • Preface
  • Market Indicators
  • Currency Analysis
  • Commodity Analysis
  • Equity Market
  • Company Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Psychology
  • Conclusion

What will you learn?

  • Market Indicators checklist
  • Many types of indicators, including short-term, sentiment, leading, and so on
  • S&P COT Oscillator
  • Introduction to currency analysis
  • How to balance your budget
  • Technical analysis of currency
  • An overview of the commodity market
  • Futures and options positions
  • Bond yield ratios and earning estimates
  • Position sizing with the formula approach and the power of compounding
  • Stop loss examples: volatility-based, trailing stop, price-based, indicator-based, and so on

Who is this course for?

Research and Trade Like a Pro by Investopedia is a must-have course regarding one of the most fundamental processes when trading – researching, making it suitable for traders at all levels.



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