Where yo get knowledge, experience, and confidence in trading

Scott Pulcini Trader is an online trading platform that provides trading, education, and mentoring options for the exchange of insights, acquisition of knowledge, and development of business trust. 

Scott Pulcini, the founder of the company, is regarded as one of the most successful traders of recent decades. His passion and talent are the foundation of his long-term commercial success. He is currently focusing on equities and futures markets, using to interpret orders and volume based on market patterns alone. 

In 2007, Nic Brunelli left for Italy to accept a lucrative position as an exhibition horse trainer. Nic Brunelli made a name for himself in the trading industry through his accomplishments in Forex, Options, Futures (NQ and ES), and, most recently, Cryptocurrencies. Then he met Scott and began a lengthy collaboration with Scott Pulcini Trader.

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