Reedstrader 101: Mechanical Trading Strategy Workshop


Reedstrader 101: Mechanical Trading Strategy Workshop has only 1 mission: to help you get better trading results, thus letting your emotions at ease.

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Mark Boucher
Technical Analysis

Course overview

Reedstrader 101: Mechanical Trading Strategy Work is a course ideally designed for beginners to lay a solid foundation for trading. It provides you with hands-on tips and tricks, and lively visualization with trading charts and case studies so that you can understand the framework quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Reedstrader 101: Mechanical Trading Strategy Work also aims to help you reduce the risk and the anxiety by preparing you with a sound groundwork of trading knowledge.

Reedstrader 101: Mechanical Trading Strategy Work is brought to you by Mark Boucher. He has been an active trader since the age of 16 years old to finance himself through college. Up to now, Mark Boucher has been a dealer and fund manager for over 30 years, achieving outstanding successes in the trading industry.

Course outline

  • Why use a Mechanical Strategy?
  • Learning the Technical Indicators
  • Market Timing
  • Capital Allocation Model formation
  • 7 Steps to Profitability – Longs
  • 7 Steps to Profitability – Shorts
  • How to trade the System using REED$TRADER Daily Commentary
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Working via trade examples
  • Ways to Make the System Yours

What will you learn?

  • Solid knowledge to develop your own trading system, as well as best practices and common mistakes to avoid.
  • A proven 7-step process to profitability – Longs/ Shorts
  • Mechanical Strategies that provide you with advantages
  • Instruction and insights of technical analysis to help you over market timing
  • Getting introduced to two market timing models, including Mark Boucher’s Proprietary Supply Indicator, Ned Davis Timing Model
  • Instruction to adaption while trading using REED$TRADER Daily Commentary

Who is this course for?

Reedstrader 101: Mechanical Trading Strategy Work is perfect for beginners or traders who want to get themselves together, knowledgeably and emotionally, before taking on bigger trades.



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