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With Momentum Stock Options Workshop by Reeds Trader, you will be instructed on how to identify the best stocks and options for your investments, how risk management works, and how to use options for leverage.

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Course overview

Momentum Stock Options Workshop fully describes the entire landscape of options trading, including both advantages and hidden risks, so you are not caught off guard by a one-sided point of view. The purpose is not to entice you into options trading, but rather to empower you with the knowledge of stock trading.

The Momentum Stock Options Workshop will guide you through all of this before delving into options strategies and techniques. You’ll learn about fundamental options strategies like long call, short call, long/short put, long/short straddle, and so on. Furthermore, this course provides you with synthetic counterparts. Once you’ve mastered such basic tactics, you’ll be able to achieve the best risk/reward ratio using flexibility and discipline

Course outline

Have a look at the preview course outline below for more information:

  • Increased liquidity and a variety of strategic choices in options trading
  • Ways to reduce risk in option trading
  • The modification of numerous trading tactics reveals remedies to market insecurity.
  • Information shown with real-world trading case studies
  • An explanation of the 16 trade regulations

What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Momentum Stock Options Workshop

  • The entire panorama of options trading, including both benefits and potential hazards
  • The ideas and methods available in stock trading aspect
  • The transparency of options trading
  • The belief that because options trading involves considerable volatility, it is difficult to earn
  • The ability to combine several tactics in options trading and stock trading

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Momentum Stock Options Workshop

  • Being completely aware of the one-directional nature of options trading
  • No longer fearing options trading and stock trading
  • Being cognizant of the widespread belief that options trading involves significant volatility
  • Reduce the dangers of option trading for traders.
  • Better integrate different options trading tactics.
  • Improve your understanding of various options trading methods and approaches.

Who is this course for?

This Momentum Stock Options Workshop is ideally suited for individuals who:

  • Want to improve your options trading journey
  • Lack of understanding and expertise in options trading techniques and tactics
  • Already familiar with options trading and stock trading, but unable to reduce risks
  • Lack of strategy combination skills in options trading.

Additional Information

Reeds Trader is an online trading education platform established by Chuck Whitman and Mark Boucher that has grown in popularity within the trading community. Reeds Trader is a place to trade passion and share desire. Thus, Reeds Trader’s curriculums are designed to assist you save time and effort in learning the activities that are relevant to actual trading.



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