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Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package by Simple Trading is a smart strategy to help you achieve a high win rate in the Trading Calendar market.

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Simpler Trading, Elite
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Course overview

The course exposes you to a potential shortcut, making your trading account more profitable through a proven strategy of winning percentages. Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package teaches you the principles and concepts of the Trading Calendar. The course focuses on deepening knowledge of Bruce’s Triple Play strategy, describing and illustrating practical ways to implement this strategy step by step.


Course outline

The course Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Class Elite Package will demonstrate a roughly of 6 different options trading strategy:

  1. Monthly Single Income Calendar
  2. The Weekly Double Calendar
  3. The Advanced Calendars
  4. The Hedging Calendars
  5. The Deeper Downside Hedging Strategy
  6. Advanced Defending Concepts


What can you learn?

  • Help you to break down the trading option
  • Understand the basics of the Trading Calendar
  • Learn how to manage a trade, plan it to increase your profits significantly


Who is this course for?

  • Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package is suitable for those who are looking to improve their Trading Calendar skills
  • Want to strengthen your background in the market

Additional information

The advantage of Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Course is packed with charts and case studies that make it easier to absorb this strategy.



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