Amazing Option Butterfly, Long Condors & More Trading Workshop – Power Cycle Trading


Amazing Option Butterfly, Long Condors & More Trading Workshop – Power Cycle Trading teaches you how to turn a failed trade into a potentially profitable one. A wide range of topics of the course will push your trading education to the next level immediately.

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Power Cycle Trading
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Course overview

Amazing Option Butterfly, Long Condors & More Trading Workshop – Power Cycle Trading provides participants with strategies and techniques to become steadily profitable trading options. This comprehensive 7+ hour trading workshop can even help you make the most of time decay and volatility collapse to stay stronger as a winner on the markets.

Hosted by Larry Gaines, this course is the extraction of his thirty-year experience as a successful trader. The course is ideal for Options Trading and Financial Markets.


Course outline

  • 7+ Hour Recorded Trading Workshop
  • Option Trading Tutorial (Videos + Manual)
  • Course Bonus Handouts
  • 368 Full Course PowerPoint Manual


What will you learn?

  • ​​Butterfly trading.
  • Long Condor trading.
  • The Greek option needed for the Butterfly and Long Condor trades.
  • Fibonacci Pricing Target Mapping and Deviation.
  • How to build up 10-to-1 or 12-to-1 returns to the bare minimum of $10 in option risk capital.
  • How to take advantage of the volatility option collapse and theta decay.
  • A unique Spread option used to reap the benefits of combining the Spread Credit and the Spread Vertical options.
  • Why and when to use the “Long Option Condor Spread” for risk-controlled trading and maximal profits.
  • Trading Workshop Part III
  • When and how to put on the Butterfly and Long Condor. 
  • How to utilize the Butterfly and the Long Condor for critical infrastructure defending. 
  • And many more! 


Who is this course for?

Option Butterfly, Long Condors & More Trading Workshop by Power Cycle Trading is suitable for both traders and investors, novice or seasoned, who are looking to master their options trading skills with Butterfly trading, Long Condor trading, etc.



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