The A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop

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Hosted by Amy Meissner, The A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop provides you with a short-term, high reward options trading strategy that can be used in any market environment. No matter what the size of your account, be it small or big, you can benefit from a clear set of rules for entering data and making adjustments listed in this course.

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Amy Meissner
Options Trading

Course overview

Trading options is not intimidating as it seems. It might be complex and difficult to understand, but once you master it, you get better cost efficiency, lower risk than stocks, the possibility for bigger percentage returns, and a variety of strategic possibilities. And with the A14 Weekly Option Strategy by Amy Meissner, they are all in your reach!

The A14 Weekly Option Str ategy Workshop is suitable for Options Trading and Technical Analysis.

Course outline

  • The A14 Weekly Option Strategy
  • Development and Performance
  • Trade Examples
  • The A14 Weekly Strategy Live Workshop

What will you learn?

  • Core concepts that are applied in the creation of the A14 Weekly BWB strategies.
  • The principles for the A14 Weekly BWB strategy (including: Entry, Adjustments, and Exit).
  • Several step-by-step examples of the A14 in different kinds of markets – Bullish, Bearish, and Tough markets.
  • Additional Adjustment options.
  • How to use insights and updates of market monitoring and technical analysis to modify your strategy when you are in the Boxcar.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for both small and big accounts. If you have a hard time trading with the Boxcar and other short-term trading tactics, Amy Meissner and her The A14 Weekly Option Strategy can come to your rescue.



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