Thursday Morning Income Strategy – Trading Concepts

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Thursday Morning Income Strategy by Trading Concepts guides you through the steps you need to take to develop and execute profitable trading strategies.

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Trading Concepts
Options Trading

Course Overview

Thursday Morning Income Strategy by Trading Concepts sheds light on how to develop effective strategies for the optimal risk/reward ratios, which unlocks long-term profitability. The step – by – step guidelines are provided in the course alongside the illustrations of charts and case studies. The blending between theories and practices is shown for you to understand the frameworks better, and find it easier to adapt them to your real trading. Thursday Morning Income Strategy shares the importance of insights into the trading market to the development of strategies. You need to understand the market behavior, in terms of patterns of trends, signals of changes in movements, etc. for accurate projection for the directions of price actions. Such insights are the main ingredients for your trading setups and tactics.

Once you have collected the information and database from the trading market, you learn how to decipher them in the Thursday Morning Income Strategy. Detailed instructions on how to read charts and compile information about market trends and price actions are openly shared. Subsequently, instructions on how to develop strategies or choose the most suitable ones for your trading are instructed along with the guidelines of some effective setups for references. The knowledge about market entries/exits and trade management is also shared in the course.

Thursday Morning Income Strategy Course outline

  • Step 1: find the most potential candidates of stocks with the aid of chart analysis.
  • Step 2: decodes the meanings behind the database and analysis about market trends and price actions.
  • Step 3: conducts the projection of next market moves and price actions.
  • Step 4: identifies the most profitable and suitable options strategy.
  • Step 5: enter options trades on Thursday morning.
  • Step 6: shares the knowledge about trade management and market entries/exits, trade starts/stops.

What will you learn?

  • The additional “soft” skills, such as how to evaluate your results to improve your execution and pick the best brokers.
  • The slides for each session and supplementary program materials ​to help you make money with this strategy that much quicker.
  • Skills to how to get your profits and move to the next opportunity before the rush even begins.

Who is this course for?

Thursday Morning Income Strategy is designed to:

  • Traders who seek safe, consistent profits – whether you trade full time, want to supplement your retirement or need to add extra income to your work paycheck.
  • Traders who desire high reward with limited risk.


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