John Locke – Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series

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Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series by John Locke shares the application of this options strategy and the tips for getting the best out of it.

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Course Overview

John Locke – Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series shares cutting-edge trading methods for higher profits and lower risk-taking levels. The tried-and-true frameworks are under the spotlight of the course. Meanwhile, real case studies and examples can bring more clarity to the practical application of strategies.

Course Outline

Trade entries

  • Learning the expiration and how DTE changes the trade
  • Choosing wing widths
  • Broken Wing Butterfly vs Butterfly/call entry
  • Entry location relative to at the money and how your entry affects your adjustment strategy
  • Scaling entries/adjustment strategies

Upside adjustment strategies

  • Adapting your upside adjustment strategy
  • Different volatility levels
  • Rising markets
  • Falling markets
  • Sideways markets

Downside adjustment strategies:

  • How and when to best adjust to the downside for maximum protection with the least whipsaw risk
  • How to set risk parameters: Planned Capital, Profit Target, Max Loss

Trade exit

  • When and how to exit most effectively

What Will You Learn?

  • Leveling up your trading skills.
  • Increasing profitability while decreasing risks.
  • Learning the best practices to get the right timing of trade entries and exits.
  • Spotting the signs to bail out of trades to avoid costly pitfalls.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is perfect for those who already have a solid understanding of options trading. In other words, this course is for options traders to level up their trading from the base!

Additional Information: 

To get the best out of this course, you should prepare some basic knowledge and experience, such as

  • The fundamentals of broken wing butterflies.
  • Insights into the Greeks – Delta, Theta, Gamma Vega.
  • Getting yourself familiar with analytical software, such as OptionVue or OptionExplorer.
  • The basics of options spread trading, common terminologies like vertical spreads, condors, wings, T+0 line, expiration line, and days till expiration (DTE).

John Locke

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