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John’s “Triple Squeezes” strategy, introduced only once, is a rare yet timeless method crafted to detect significant movements.

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Live Trade with John Carter
Discover What’s Working Now with John’s New Triple Squeeze Pro and the Powerful Layup Tools

Join John Carter for multiple live trading sessions AND an Interactive Workshop


This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from John Carter as he reveals the strategy and tools that are working for him in this market.

You’ll discover the exact setups John refined over 3 decades combined with his latest enhancements for 2024. Why is this workshop so critical right now?

The goal of this experience is to share how John has adapted to the current market conditions. John will show his trading workspace so you can see everything (including the custom tools he uses for those who want to duplicate his charts).

This workshop is interactive and John is looking forward to answering as many of your questions as possible!

NEW! Triple Squeeze Pro

John has found that the biggest moves occur when an index, a sector, and a stock are all “squeezing” at the same time – thus the name, “Triple Squeeze.”

John Carter originally designed the Triple Squeeze to give an early warning for “out of the blue” moves by identifying which stocks the “Big Money” institutions are buying (or dumping). His goal was to take advantage of this money flow pattern to gain an extra edge.

By anticipating what the “Big Money” is doing, it helps John identify which moves were more likely to “fail” and how to potentially profit anyway. Plus, John’s Triple Squeeze strategy seeks exit trades at the “hidden” support and resistance caused by “Big Money” institutional order flow.

And for 2024, the original Triple Squeeze has been updated to be powered by the Squeeze Pro – which makes it possible to identify up to twice as many opportunities because of the refinements to the original Squeeze.

Triple Squeeze “Shadow Stock” Recorded Class

This strategy is a hidden gem. John only taught it one time and it’s a timeless strategy designed to identify the biggest moves, called “Triple Squeezes”. That’s when an index, a sector, and a stock all “squeeze” at the same time.

This specific setup helped John double his account in 90 days by identifying “out of the blue” Triple Squeezes. This powerful pattern told John exactly when to ‘swing for the fences’ and go for home run trades knowing that the “Big Money” institutional funds look to be lined up in the direction of the move.


This is your rare chance to follow John Carter as he adapts to the current market conditions by looking where most traders aren’t. Right now, you can join the deep dive on the tools and strategies he’s using in 2024. See how he trades on the same playing field as the “Big Money” and get multiple trading days, including an extended live trading bonus session with John. He doesn’t normally have live trading sessions, so this is your one-time opportunity to join him in real-time.

Find out what’s working now because outdated strategies could be dead wrong in current conditions. Learn the rapid account growth strategies that are working for John now…


Layup Indicator

John designed the Layup tool to identify quick, “easy” moves to the upside. It also finds Slam Dunks, which are the inverse, quick, “easy” moves to the downside. He uses this tool in markets with “out of the blue” runaway moves that often don’t start with a Squeeze. The strategy is designed to help know when to jump on a runway move that still has further to go. A typical trade lasts 1 to 3 days, with a target of taking initial profits in 3 to 6 trading hours.

Layup Recorded Class

In this class, John did a deep dive into exactly how (and when) to use this strategy. The strategy is timeless and applies just as much today as it did when he first recorded the training. The goal is to follow a step-by-step process for identifying these “layup” and “slam dunk” trades using the Layup strategy tools.

About the author

John Carter has been a full-time trader since 1996. In 1999, tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, John launched to post his trading ideas. The company has since evolved into what is now, Simpler Trading. John is the trading expert everyone turns to when the markets go awry, and many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own strategies. He’s truly one of the best with a level of charisma that draws people in, which has transformed him into the famous trader he is today.


John Carter

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