Options Swing Trading Course – Warrior Trading

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Options Swing Trading Course by Warrior Trading builds a solid foundation of swing trading stocks and options. The combination between theory instructions and case studies can help you be less surprised when applying frameworks to real-world trading. 

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Ross Cameron, Warrior Trading
Options Trading

Course Overview

Options Swing Trading Course by Warrior Trading instructs you on the fundamentals of swing trading options and powerful strategies. If you are new to swing trading and options, this course will offer great help.

You learn to get familiar with trading terms and techniques before learning effective strategies. Detailed guides come along with illustrated case studies and charts. As a result, you can win higher profits and undertake lower risks amidst tumultuous price momentums.

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Intro to Swing Trading
  • Chapter 2: Options Trading 101
    • Part 1: Buying Options Contracts
    • Part 2: Selling / Writing Options Contracts
    • Part 3: Options Spreads (+Bonus video on spreads)
    • Part 4: Premium Pricing & Greek Pricing Formulas
  • Chapter 3: Swing Trading Strategies
    • Part 1: Stock Swing Trading Strategies
    • Part 2: Options Swing Trading Strategies

What Will You Learn?

  • Learning the basics of swing trading stocks and options.
  • Getting yourself with common terms in these instruments.
  • Effective techniques and strategies in this time frame for higher profits.
  • Illustrated case studies and examples to bring reality to theories.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is ideal for those who are interested in swing trading options and stocks but have no experience. It helps them build a solid foundation as a stepping stone.



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