Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) Online Video Series (12 Month full Access) – Itpm

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Professional Options Trading Masterclass provides you with comprehensive knowledge of market volatility, options selection, and risk management to make the most of market changes

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Anton Kreil
Options Trading

Course overview

Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) is designed to teach traders to educate themselves how to use the stock market volatility against itself.

Hosted by Anton Kreil, the Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, this course will equip you with the coherent instruction of knowledge and real case studies of options trading for consistent high profitability.

Professional Options Trading Masterclass is suitable for Options Trading and Stock Trading.

Course outline

  • Video 1: Defining the Mandate 1
  • Video 2: Defining the Mandate 2
  • Video 3: Filtering Options Trading Strategies for Usefulness
  • Video 4: Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 1 – Advantages
  • Video 5: Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 2 – Disadvantages
  • Video 6: Long Call and Put Options Formalized
  • Video 7: Naked Short Puts
  • Video 8: Naked Short Calls
  • Video 9: The Covered Call
  • Video 10: The Covered Call Collar
  • Video 11: Index Options and Portfolio Hedging Methods
  • Video 12: Options Spreads 1
  • Video 13: Options Spreads 2
  • Video 14: Market Makers, Volatility & Greeks
  • Video 15: Recap: What We Have Learnt So Far
  • Video 16: Ratio Spreads 1
  • Video 17: Ratio Spreads 2
  • Video 18: Ladder Spreads 1
  • Video 19: Ladder Spreads 2
  • Video 20: Volatility Masterclass 1
  • Video 21: Volatility Masterclass 2
  • Video 22: Long Straddles
  • Video 23: Long Strangles
  • Video 24: Strap Straddle
  • Video 25: Strip Straddle
  • Video 26: Strap Strangle
  • Video 27: Strip Strangle
  • Video 28: Recap and Exam Preparation
  • POTM Exam

What will you learn?

  • Market volatility, options selection, and risk management for consistent high profitability.
  • Needed knowledge to understand how stocks options trading works.
  • Strategies to trade stocks options simply and profitably.
  • Exercises to capture your own growth in knowledge and skills of trading options.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who work to gain steady profits from stocks options trading. Have no idea about this type of trading yet? Don’t worry, this course is constructed to help you change from understanding nothing to understanding the whole thing.

Additional information

Apart from the 28 videos listed above and the POTM exam, this course will also include:

  • Spreadsheets
  • PDF Manuals
  • Advanced Videos Area Access
  • Exam Certificate Emailed
  • Resume Text Emailed
  • Resume Reference on Request
  • Institute Trader Authorized
  • Priority Mentor Upgrades.
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