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Systems Mastery Course by Pollinate Trading walks you through how to systemize your trades and earn higher profits amidst volatile markets. Real case studies and examples bring reality to the courses for your better understanding.

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Pollinate Trading
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Course Overview

Systems Mastery Course by Pollinate Trading shows a detailed walkthrough on proven systems and powerful tools to enhance your earnings from trades. Also, you can learn to systemize your trades to cut down on time and effort for consistent profits. Real case studies and examples are what you can expect from this course. So, you can have more insights into the real trading world.

Course Outline

  • FVBO is a proven profitable strategy
  • VBO 2.0 is a proven profitable strategy
  • No expensive software
  • Custom spreadsheet
  • Learn how to match your system to you
  • Build a real trading business so you can build the life you want
  • Stop buying signals build your own proven system
  • Define your belief systems
  • Learn how the professionals manually backtest
  • Chose to build a part-time trading system or full-time trading system
  • Understand R multiples and proper position sizing
  • How to rate your system
  • Learn price action
  • Understand data entry
  • A system you will use for the rest of your trading career

What Will You Learn?

  • Systemizing the whole trading process for better management and higher profits.
  • Access to the proven systems that have brought consistent profitability.
  • Coherent instructions on techniques and strategies for you to master the basics and enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • The step-by-step process to build and apply a trading system to real trading.
  • Learning the best practices through the analysis of real case studies and examples.

Who Is This Course For?

Systems Mastery Course by Pollinate Trading is ideal for those who are looking for proven systems and effective tools to master their trading for more steady profits.



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