The Secret Mindset – The Secret Mindset Academy

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The Secret Mindset Academy teaches you the foundations of trading tactics, tools, and strategies so you may begin trading effectively.

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Market Structure, Trading Techniques, Trading Mindset, Risks Management
Financial Trading

Course Overview

The Secret Mindset is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on difficult procedures that separate amateurs from pros, giving you actual strategies to boost consistency of returns and stack the odds in your favor.

Learn to trade with confidence, manage risk, find high-potential transactions, and boost return consistency with this comprehensive course that focuses on simple tactics that distinguish amateurs from pros.

Course outline

  • Module 1 – Foundation:
    • Understanding market structure
    • Swing trading
    • High frame selection
    • The right instruments to trade
  • Module 2 – Finding Key Levels:
    • Market swings
    • WM HL
    • Market Profile
  • Module 3 – Entry Techniques:
    • Pullback Entry
    • Advanced Pullbacks
    • Breakout Trade
  • Module 4 – Confluence Scanning:
    • Confluence Setup
    • Illustrated case studies and examples
  • Module 5 – CMR Trading Strategy:
    • Instructions on how-tos
    • Illustrations of case studies and examples
  • Module 6 – LRMP Trading Strategy:
    • Instructions on development and application
    • Case studies and examples for practical insights
  • Module 7 – Volume Profile Strategies:
    • Instructions on volume profile, strategies
    • Insights into the volume profile trading setups
  • Module 8 – Risk Management:
    • You will learn about risk management, compounding profits
    • Access to the Risk Management Sheet.
  • Module 9 – Trading Mindset
  • Module 10 – TradingView indicators

What will you learn?

  • Instructions on the approaches and indications that skilled traders choose.
  • Detailed instructions on the top three tested tactics and approaches that may be used in every trading market to create significant returns.
  • Increasing trading profit by providing consistent advice on trading tactics and strategies.
  • The finest strategies for lowering the risk-taking levels that you must engage in are presented.
  • How to improve market prediction accuracy
  • The fundamentals of trading techniques that can help you succeed in any trading market or instrument.
  • And more, much more!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in learning the foundations of building a profitable foundation.
  • Anyone who discovers shortcuts, time-saving, and cost-cutting strategies for trading effectively and confidently.
  • Anyone interested in learning about strong tools and indicators, as well as trading approaches.
  • Anyone interested in possessing a diverse set of trading tactics and strategies to use to a variety of trading circumstances.
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