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If you want to learn algorithmic trading, Mastering Position Sizing is a perfect course for you. Andrea Unger, a four-time world trading champion, instructs you on practical strategies, techniques, and tools that could alleviate the possible problems.

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Andrea Unger
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Course Overview

Mastering Position Sizing by Andrea Unger highlights the practical tips and tools for trade automation. It can reduce the pressure of constant monitoring but does not cut down on profitability.

The step-by-step guidelines on algorithmic position sizing come along with the illustrations of case studies and examples. So, you do not learn one ideal side of theories but have a comprehensive view of the application of frameworks.

Various tools accelerate the process of building a trading algorithm. Andrea Unger, the course host, instructs how to use them in an easy language. So, you can easily grasp the underlying principles behind seemingly complex algorithms.

The breakdown of the whole process into steps reveals tips, tricks, and powerful analysis techniques. You will see that the magic is created by us, not from out of nowhere.

Course Outline


  • Start Resources Mastering Position Sizing
  • Start MultiCharts and IQFeed discounts

What is Position Sizing?

  • Start Position Sizing
  • Start Mastering Position Sizing Martingale and AntiMartingale
  • Start Kelly Equation and Optimal f– Part I

  Mastering Position Sizing

  • Start Kelly Equation and Optimal f – Part II

Position Sizing Models

  • Start Fixed Fractional method (Percent f)
  • Start Fixed Ratio
  • Start Other Position Sizing models
  • Start Comparison of the models

Examples Mastering Position Sizing

  • Start Risk of Ruin
  • Start Montecarlo Simulation
  • Start Analysis of different markets, the advantage of Forex

From Theory to Practice

  • Start From Theory to Practice
  • Start Evaluation of the Combination: Trading System + Position Sizing Model

Final Considerations

  • Start Sophisticated Models
  • Start Trade Dependency
  • Start The Trading Plan
  • Start The Concept of Risk

What Will You Learn?

  • A coherent instruction on the tools and techniques of algorithmic trading.
  • The fundamentals of position sizing and related tools for the acceleration of the whole process.
  • The advantages and physical limits of position sizing are shown in detail so that you can come up with suitable applications.
  • The best practices of risk management and portfolio diversification along with the illustrated real case studies.
  • How to execute technical analysis, such as Monte-Carlo analysis, to gain insights into the market movements and cyclical patterns.
  • Tried-and-true tactics of risk management when applying algorithmic position sizing.
  • The real case studies and insightful examples level up your knowledge through the lens of reality.

Who Is This Course For?

If you are interested in setting your trades and position sizing automatically, the Mastering Position Sizing course by Andrea Unger will be among the best choices.

It can be better if you have a solid understanding of algorithmic trades or analysis techniques. The course reveals the methods and systems behind a trading algorithm, which can help you forecast the next market moves!

If not, a comprehensive guideline and practical examples in the course can help. Yet, it still takes time and effort if you are a beginner in the aspect of algorithmic trades.

Besides traders, developers also love this course as it provides helpful knowledge to set up a trading system to calculate the opportunities and risks of trade.

In a nutshell, the learners who love this course are

  • Traders wanting to develop a trading system and estimate the potential risks and project the next moves.
  • Developers interested in building a trading system that supports traders.


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