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Project Option’s Volatility Trader Course provides a complete introduction to volatility products and trading from innovators to experienced users.

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Chris Butler, Project Option
Options Trading

Course Overview

During the Volatility Trader Course by Project Option, participants will learn how to trade volatility. The course also educates you about the factors that contribute to explosive product movements and volatility, so that you can take advantage of them.

Course Outline

The following is the outline for the Volatility Trader Project Option Course:

  • Section 1: Why to trade volatility products
  • Section 2: Volatility product basics and what they track
  • Section 3: Analyzing the VIX definition structure
  • Section 4: Volatility product threats
  • Section 5: Volatility trading strategies, including statistical analysis & research

What Will You Learn?

  • Know whether volatility products have a very limited upside-down potential
  • Know to avoid high-risk bets by engaging in low-reward ones
  • Access to an extensive trading strategy for a simple risk-based method of rules based on historical return simulations
  • Know exactly when to enter deals, how to size them, and when to exit them

Who Is This Course For?

  • The Volatility Trader Project Option Course is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn conservative, thoroughly tested trade strategies in options trading
  • Whether they are short premium traders who want to benefit from the implicated volatility-realized volatility relationship through volatility products
  • Complete beginners who don’t know what a volatility-based product is but want to learn conservative


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