Trading Weekly Options for Income – Sheridan Options Mentoring

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Trading Weekly Options for Income by Sheridan Options Mentoring focuses on how to profitably trade options on the weekly basis. The powerful strategies come along with real case studies, so you’ll find the frameworks easy to understand.  

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Sheridan Options Mentoring, Dan Sheridan
Options Trading

Course Overview

Through Trading Weekly Options For Income by Sheridan Options Mentoring, you get the opportunity to interact with 30+ years of trading options expert trader – Dan Sheridan. He shares with you the way he constructs, trades, and manages his positions in the weekly time frames.

Course Outline

  • NFLX Double Diagonal.
  • Weekly SPX Iron Condors with Dino.
  • Weekly Butterflies.
  • Weekly Calendars (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Methodologies).
  • Weekly Ratio Butterfly.

What Will You Learn?

  • Inside the strategies that Dan Sheridan applies to his weekly options trades.
  • The best practices in his frameworks and trading tips to ease the process.
  • A wide range of options trading strategies, iron condors, calendars, butterflies, etc.
  • How to gain higher profits and undertake lower risks.
  • Effective risk management strategies.

Who Is This Course For?

The course will help all options traders regardless of their levels as it instructs the fundamentals and deep dives into advanced concepts.


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