Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course – Van Tharp Institute

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Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute demonstrates recognizing bearish patterns and the best preparation to maintain profitability.

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Technical Analysis

Course overview

Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute meticulously demonstrates the methods of recognizing bearish trends or stages in the options trading market, by providing you with detailed research from history.

Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course shows you the big picture of trading as an explicit explanation of technical analysis, including the insights and the messages deducted from such downturns, so that you can make appropriate decisions for making stable profits.

Course outline

  • Lesson 1: Bear Market Overview
  • Lesson 2: Big Picture Frameworks
  • Lesson 3: Markets and Market Types
  • Lesson 4: Options and Hedging
  • Lesson 5: Defensive Strategies
  • Lesson 6: Systems to Help You Recognize the Beginning of the Bear Market
  • Lesson 7: Systems for Trading in Early Bear Markets
  • Lesson 8: Intraday Systems for Midway Bear Markets
  • Lesson 9: Short-term Systems
  • Lesson 10: Understanding Yield Curve and NCAV
  • Lesson 11: End of Bear, Preparing for Bull
  • Lesson 12: Psychology in Trading
  • Lesson 13: Setting Objectives, System Development

What will you learn?

  • Detailed and explicit insights into downturns of the market
  • Thorough research and diverse case studies
  • Recognition of upcoming bearish trends or stages
  • A wide range of methods and techniques for technical analysis to settle the mischievous ‘Teddy Bear’
  • Guidelines of coming up with the trading setups
  • The fundamentals of hedging strategies
  • A systematic approach to build your plans and position sizing strategies

Who is this course for?

Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute is tailor-made for traders who are finding themselves stuck in troubling bearish situations, like the 2008-2009 crisis, and in need of guidance.



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