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Advanced Options Trading by Investopedia is, without a doubt, the last step to take before reaching the next level as a successful options trader.

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Options Trading

Course Overview

What makes the difference between an intermediate trader and an advanced professional sometimes just lies in the proper guidance from reliable learning sources. In this case, when it comes to options trading, Advanced Options Trading by Investopedia definitely has the answer to every question you have and may even be the decisive factor for you to reach your desired profits.

Advanced Options Trading by Investopedia makes sure that you have a decent foundation of options trading knowledge by enhancing and improving all the essential basics. The course then walks you through a great combination of options trading strategies with detailed explanations of when to effectively use them so that you can conquer the market, no matter where the price movement is heading.

Course outline

  • Introduction to Options Strategies
  • How to Improve Your Edge in Options Trading
  • Finding Opportunities in Options Trading
  • Vertical Call Debit Spread (Bullish)
  • Vertical Call Credit Spread (Bearish)
  • Risk Reversal Combination
  • Long Straddle Combination
  • Long Strangle Combination
  • Call Backspread
  • Protective Collar Combination

What will you learn?

  • Discovering trading opportunities by evaluating liquidity, market climax, and directional trends
  • Planning and implementing spreads, strangles, straddles, risk-reversal combinations, vertical calls, call-back spreads, and protective collars
  • Leveraging probabilities through the lens of time, decay, and delta
  • Constructing trading hypothesis based on trends to determine which strategy is the best for maximizing opportunities and increasing returns
  • Applying technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis to your options trading.

Who is this course for?

Advanced Options Trading by Investopedia is created as the ultimate knowledge source for intermediate options traders, providing all the essentials for becoming a successful name in the industry.



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