Trading Calendars and Double Diagonals for Income in 2016 – Sheridan Mentoring

Dan Sheridan teaches you how to build, trade, and manage Calendars and Double Diagonals for Income in this Trading Calendars and Double Diagonals for Income in 2016.

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Course Overview

Calendar spreads combine the benefits of spreads with directional options trading in the same position. Depending on how an investor executes this technique, they may assume:

  • A market-neutral position that may be rolled out a few times to cover the spread cost while profiting from time decay.
  • A market-neutral short-term position with a longer-term directional tilt and limitless gain potential.

A diagonal call spread plus a diagonal put spread combine to form a double diagonal spread. It is a pretty sophisticated option technique that should only be attempted by experienced traders, and you should always paper trade it for 3-6 months before going live. The double diagonal is an income transaction that reaps the benefits of time.

As traders combined these two terms into many trading strategies, they gained much profit and became better at timing the market. That’s why Trading Calendars and Double Diagonals for Income in 2016 by Sheridan Mentoring was created to mix all the techniques together for the newbies, to get better income.

Course outline

  • Class #1 With Dan:Calendar, Double Diagonal, and Double Calendar Basics
  • Class #2 With Dan:Greeks of Calendars and Double Diagonals and Single Calendars with 30 Plus Days Duration and 7-10 Days Duration
  • Class #3 with Dan:Double Calendars and Adjustments, Triple Calendars, Single Calendars when VIX is High, and Reverse Calendars
  • Class #4 With Jay Bailey:The 9 Day Calendar
  • Class #5 with Dan:7 Day Double Diagonal and Neutral Ratio Calendars.
  • Class #6 with Mark:Double Diagonals
  • Class #7 with Dan: Guerilla Calendars, Campaign Calendars, and Bearish Calendars
  • Class #8 with Dan:Final Class

What will you learn?

  • Learn to use trading calendars for monthly income.
  • Understand what are calendars and why do we need them?
  • Case studies and examples on how to use the trading calendars in real trading.

Who is this course for?

This Trading Calendars and Double Diagonals for Income in 2016 course is designed to:

  • Traders who are looking for a course including many types of trading knowledge.
  • Traders who want to improve their trading skills quickly.

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