The Super Simple Spread Trades by John Locke – Locke in Your Success

This course reveals four systematic strategies for options traders to trade high probability spreads that actually have a high probability of success without taking excessive risk.

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Course overview

The Super Simple Spread Trades by John Locke instructs you to dive deep into the proven strategies that earn you a high steady stream of profits via the proficient trading processing abilities, based on the market circumstances. With this course, you can improve both your trading skills and mindset.

This course is designed for Stock Trading, Options Trading, Swing Trading, and Day Trading.

Course Outline

  • The SSS Trades
  • The Bear?
  • The Bull Vs Bear
  • The V Condor
  • The Rules Are The Rules
  • The Bull 2002 through 2017

What will you learn?

  • High-specialized knowledge about options trading.
  • The four strategies: The SS Bull Trade, the SS Bearish Butterfly, the Combined Strategy Called: “Bull vs. Bear”, The V-Condor.
  • How to properly calculate your odds while trading options.
  • Why some high probability income strategies actually earn you less than buy-and-hold strategies.
  • How to choose a proper management strategy to dramatically improve your probabilities of success over time.

Who is this course for?

The Super Simple Spread Trades by John Locke is ideal for novice and seasoned options traders who have realized traditional “high probability” options trades aren’t as great as they seem and are looking for better alternatives.


John Locke

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