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If you are having difficulty assessing and minimizing your trading risks, then you want a practical method to understand risk and learn how to reduce losses. This Introduction to Position Sizing Strategies course by Van Tharp Institute is unquestionably for you

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Course overview

The Van Tharp Institute’s Introduction to the Position Sizing Strategies course outlines the finest principles for managing your trading portfolio to help you achieve large returns while taking low risks. The course walks you through the whole process of position sizing procedures, complete with case studies and figures. The full directions are offered in conjunction with incisive depiction of case studies and charts, which allows you to clearly see the trading market scenarios and the corresponding tactics used.

Course outline

There are 13 parts in the Introduction to the Position Sizing Strategies course:

  • Why Position Sizing Strategies Are Important
  • Section One: Defining R and R-multiples
  • Section Two: How Position Sizing Strategies Help You Meet Your Objective
  • Section Three: How to Calculate Expectancy
  • Section Four: The CPR Model
  • Section Five: Equity Models
  • Section Six: Using the Market’s Money
  • Section Seven: Effects of Position Sizing Strategies
  • Section Eight: Review for Final Exam (Includes study guide)
  • Section Nine: Final Exam
  • Section Ten: Final Exam
  • Section Eleven: Summary
  • Section Twelfth: Resources
  • Section Thirteen: Conclusion

What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Position Sizing Strategies course

Below is an overview of what you can study at the Van Tharp Institute for Introduction to Position Sizing Strategies:

  • Instructions for basic yet effective position sizing strategies.
  • The whole process of creating a position sizing strategy, including detailed charts and case examples.
  • Position size strategies for a variety of trading assets, including stocks, FX, and options, are publicly discussed.
  • The best methods and typical blunders in position scaling plan formulation and implementation.
  • And so much more!

Learners’ outcomes after taking the Position Sizing Strategies course

  • How to meaningfully quantify your trading success depending on the amount of risk you take with each trade.
  • A quick and easy position sizing method. This method can readily assist you in avoiding worrying about or experiencing catastrophic losses.
  • How to use suitable position size tactics to make trading easier. Improper position sizing tactics make it more difficult to attain your goals and can also make trading an emotionally charged activity.
  • Using appropriate objective-based position size tactics may make a world of difference in your trading performance, whether they assist your objectives or impede you from accomplishing your trading goals.
  • What to look forward to from your trading system in the future. Finding the risk-adjusted returns for your trading system helps you to develop a position sizing strategy that provides you confidence that you will meet your goals.
  • A sophisticated position size approach employed by a lot of elite traders. This method helps you to reduce your risk and safeguard your equity while rapidly increasing your earnings.


Who is this course for?

This Introduction to Position Sizing Strategies Course by Van Tharp Institute is designed to those who:

  • Have difficulties in understanding and analyzing his/her risks in trading
  • Lack of money management knowledge and skills in trading
  • Need a practical approach to comprehend risk and skills how to minimize losses

Additional information

What do other learners think about Van Tharp Institute’s Position Sizing Strategies Course?

“If you have an approach that makes money, then money management can make the difference between success and failure… … I try to be conservative in my risk management. I want to make sure I’ll be around to play tomorrow. Risk control is essential.” — Monroe Trout.

“Dr. Tharp has become the de facto major voice on just what ‘Money Management’ embodies. Many traders, particularly ‘beginners’ are focused on their technical system, simple entry rules, and quite likely stops, but neglect position is sizing entirely, thereby risking far more of their capital than is wise, particularly if trading is their intended livelihood.”— Serious Trading Demands Money Management, “AMG” Review from



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