Vertical Spreads. Strategy Intensive presented – Charles Cottle

In this Vertical Spreads & Strategy Intensive presented by Charles Cottle, we’ll cover important things to keep in mind when trading option spreads (for both credit spreads and debit spreads), as we approach the expiration date

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Course Overview

This option spreads (also known as vertical spreads: credit spreads and debit spreads) trading course is unique in that we take it step by step. You will be shown exactly how to create consistent money using option spreads.

We begin by explaining and showing you how Option Spreads (Credit Spreads and Debit Spreads) work, and then show you how we would actually execute option spreads live on a trading account.

Course Outline

  • Instruction Video 1
  • Instruction Video 2

What Will You Learn?

  • The most often utilized options spreads are CREDIT spreads and DEBIT spreads (these are also known as vertical spreads)
  • A brief rundown of some fundamental yet significant option trading terms required to trade option spreads.
  • How to utilize vertical spreads: We will create option credit spreads or debit spreads for a stock you believe will go up or remain flat, OR will go down or stay flat…
  • Several step-by-step option spread examples in which we continue to practice these vertical spreads by constructing a genuine credit spread and debit spread based on actual stock and option table information.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Stock and option traders seeking a robust and successful option trading approach to produce consistent real-world revenue using option spreads
  • Credit Spreads, Option Spreads, Vertical Spread Options, Debit Spreads, and Bull Spreads are strategies that investors are interested in.
  • This course focuses on credit spreads, option spreads, vertical spread options, debit spreads, and bull spreads.


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